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Improving farm efficiency starts with genetic potential. Picking companies that select hybrids and varieties that are selected for Stonypoint Seed’s geographic footprint has been critical towards our success. 

By choosing to stray away from those large national companies that market generic seed that is either feast or famine; we chose to improve our customers chances at success through locally sourced and tested seed.  A vast majority of our area does not contain glacial tilth soils and requires tough, drought tolerant, hybrids/varieties with good ear flex and top end yield potential. 

We are very selective about the customers we represent.  We don’t run up and down the road desperately knocking on doors like a lot of our competition.  Our goal is to provide our customers with an elite seed purchasing experience while receiving 1st in class service.   If you are looking to see if you are the kind of customer we work with, here is some generalities. 

  1. Our customers see the benefit in treating soybeans. 
  2. Our customers want bulk delivery
  3. Our customers typically buy multiple brands of seed from us. 
  4. Our customers are easy to work with and enjoy having a good time.
  5. Our customers hold us to high standards, and we do the same. 

We have invested heavily in a bulk delivery system and seed treatment system to help set us at the forefront. We can deliver with Semi Tender, Van Trailer, or Flatbed. 

The Seed Products that we offer are:

  • Wheat (hard & soft)
  • Corn
  • Soybeans (Xtend, Enlist, Liberty, R1 and RR2)
  • Sorghum
  • Grazers (alfalfa, Sudan, etc.…)
  • Lawn and Pasture Grasses
  • Cover Crops
  • Wildlife Plots

If you would like to set up an interview or a trial contact Ryan at 913-755-1431 or ryan@stonypointseed.com

For seed equipment agreement go to the Programs & Financing tab.

To schedule an appointment contact Ryan at 913.755.1431